We offer homeopathic remedies including, but not limited to:
● Asthmatic Bronchitis
● Chalazion
● Eczema
● Fissure-in-ano
● Hair Loss
● Hepatitis-C
● Lichen Planus
● Nephrotic Syndrome
● Psoriasis
● Tonsillitis
● Trigeminal Neuralgia
● Ulcerative Colitis
● Urticaria
● Vitiligo
                 Classes include 
   Vitamins/ Minerals
   Aromatherapy Oils
   Herbal Therapy
   Colors Therapy
   Shiatsu/ Self-Massage
   Colon Health and Therapy
   Facial/ Body Analysis
Homeopathic counseling,  Reflexology on Hands & Feet, Iridology, Pressure Point Muscle Testing  and Computer Analysis.AHWI, presents training & service in wholistic health. Certificate of completion awarded after  attending workshops, seminars, lectures & classes.